Capricorn february 2020 tarot videoscope by ama

Capricorn Horoscope 12222: A Year Of Openings And Opportunities

Find out how the planets' positions at your precise birth day, time, and place influence your personality and life circumstances.

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Angel Communication, Angel Chat Now! At the beginning of the year, some events will take place at work, which will please you. You are likely to obtain a promotion or a function you wanted. In your personal life, the time spent with your friends is full of satisfaction. Enjoy what this month has to offer you.

February is going to be a peaceful month, with no unusual events for Capricorns. They will focus, as usual, on the practical aspects of life, which may bring them substantial gains. However, the nervous system of Capricorn native might be vulnerable to exhaustion. For Capricorns, March is the month of a new beginning. Your health is wonderful, and your altruistic side can be seen in the gifts you make to your dear ones. In love, you need stability and you are imposing tracing some concrete plans for the future next to your half.

At work, you have the tendency to risk more than you should, therefore you should avoid any financial speculations. Presented on April 19th, The spiritual journey is governed by our ability to recognize the soul and be guided by its purpose.

Esoteric Astrology—the astrology of the soul—can be very helpful in this regard. Esoteric astrology also unveils the personality factors that tend to block the Soul from fully achieving its incarnational purpose. Learn the spiritual meaning behind each of the signs of the zodiac, and how the soul reveals itself through them.

Cycles close and cycles begin when two outer planets meet up together at the exact same point in the sky. This slow-moving conjunction between Pluto and Saturn last occurred 37 years ago in Libra, and a new cycle will begin in January as they connect in Capricorn. Yet the changes are powerful, deep, and permanent, signaling completion and destruction for institutions, governments, political parties, corporations, and authoritative bodies that have served their purpose and must be restructured - ready or not.

In this show, we'll talk about the ongoing conversation between Saturn and Pluto over the past 37 years for clues as to what will permanently change in our world as the new decade begins. Thank you for watching! The 10th month of the year has Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all direct and gaining power throughout October, which is a significant shift to how each planet was held back from its full potential for a majority of A lot of energy has been 'hauled away' and removed from the planet, and now regeneration is a theme in October.

You will feel it rising in you that there is a direction you must follow and pursue because it is vital to your soul mission and inner knowingness. The Sun and Mars are both in Libra, requiring us to maintain equilibrium and inner harmony with an objective viewpoint that ultimately nothing is personal. Mercury is now in Scorpio, where he will stay until December 9 due to retrograde period that begins October Mercury enters his shadow zone at 11 degrees Scorpio on October 11th.

Venus enters Scorpio on October 8 and revisits the same themes she reviewed last year during her Venus retrograde in Scorpio - how far have you come in seeing, loving, and valuing your shadow energies? More to share in this episode about this energy. Om Shaanti Meditation. You are a creator, the designer of your life. Step confidently into a new experience of your life journey. The main astrology transits of this decade involve truly recognizing your unique needs and honoring what you have developed and grown in the real world. The second Saturn return at the end of the decade is a checking in point around what you still need to accomplish and experience in life.

It is an honor to support you in understanding yourself more through astrology. Astrology Course For Your Soul's Growth Learn to interpret your natal chart like a professional astrologer in this on-demand course with 6 classes.

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Let's learn to understand astrology on a deeper level and how to read a birth chart! There's more to astrology than just your zodiac sign Comment below with your primal triad!! Follow along and learn how you can create a life you love. Subscribe to Lavendaire to get inspired by new videos weekly! All opinions expressed are wholly my own. Some links I share are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you make a purchase through them.

If you choose to use them, thank you for supporting the channel! Nadiya Shah. I want to introduce you to some amazing up and coming Astrologers. Adam holds an M. A in Creative Non-Fiction Writing.

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Adam teaches courses on Hellenistic astrology, Yoga Philosophy, and Horary Astrology, and is an aspiring disciple of the Gaudiya Vaishnav tradition of Bhakti yoga. You can check out his daily horoscopes and video blogs at www. Don't give up before the miracles comes through! This connection is called a "Kite" and it is a rare opportunity to look at how much you have grown this year and decade , as well as how you are ready to make new commitments to yourself at a higher level of consciousness.

A solid sense of what is real to your journey and next steps is revealing itself, as well as a deeper trust in this whole process and life changes. This energy will be in play through November as Mercury retrograde in Scorpio comes through to activate the Kite two more times. A cleansing, or purging, of fears is underway as you are ready to let go of how you've been limiting yourself and what is possible.

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Rise up to the next level of consciousness where those limitations no longer exist, and you are then taking mastery over your life in a whole new way. Stormie Grace. T-squares involve one opposition and two squares between 3 planets or points. This aspect can create an inner energy of difficulty, challenge, or frustration because it isn't always clear how each planet is meant to be recognized. T-squares can create tension or talent depending on how you consciously use the energies and respect the competing needs for the various energies.

Look at what each planet needs before it has to "compete" for attention or feel pressured. T-squares can push out the best in all energies involved, yet it often takes time, awareness, and practice to work with the energies mindfully. Astrology Course For Your Soul's Growth Learn to interpret and interpret your natal chart in this on-demand course with 6 classes. Once every 12 years, Jupiter in Sagittarius opens up the cosmic keyhole to higher universal energies as it travels across the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sag.

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We've had a lot of hard work, soul growth, power development, and lessons in trust in this area of our natal charts And what a journey it's been. Since , we have each been deeply transformed and awakened into the Truth of our higher selves and soul's intentions. Pluto was at this point in your chart in - , and then Saturn stopped by for a visit in late This November conjunction is a cosmic recognition of how far you've come and the huge growth you were encouraged forced to undergo.

The energy of that growth now comes around full circle, but release your expectations of what it looks like or how it should appear.


Go higher into the Universal Spiritual Laws that transformation can show up in any possible form. The cosmic expansion energies continue into December and early as Venus, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars each traverse over this same energy point and help you in re-aligning with your soul's vibration now. What opens up in November will continue growing into February as Mars moves over the Galactic Center. As we move into Scorpio season, we are supported in healing deeper energies on the planet that have been stuck in other energies and paradigms.

There is enough light on the planet to transmute soul energies with the Violet Flame, as well as move density off of the planet that can be related to your own soul's experiences. Capricorn and Scorpio energies can work together powerfully to support energy healing at a deeper level, so this show includes channeled messages around what is ready to be cleared and transmuted now for us individually and for humanity.

Everything is about intention. Energies can be loving, peaceful, kind, and benevolent, just as they can be the opposite qualities, too. For example, if you have walked into a place and felt the heebie-jeebies, you may be picking up on lower vibrational energies in that location that have not been transmuted. May these insights be helpful for your own soul's growth.

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We are in a deep soul growth cycle that peaks in and ends in , especially as Pluto in Capricorn makes important aspects with Saturn and Jupiter throughout Jupiter will remain in your Lagna during the year. Luck will always be in your favour owing to positive aspect of Jupiter on your ninth house.

You may also give a new direction to your career in the fields related to spiritual, healing, medicine etc. Students of this sign will get excellent results this year. The time period is good for your children, spouse and father. Jupiter - the karak planet for happiness and prosperity, will bring good fortune for you, it being placed in your 1st house or Lagna.

Stability in love matters is doubtful but you would enjoy the time together. The year will contain mixed results for natives of moon sign Capricorn. You may expect auspicious results in the fields of profession, career and business. This year may not be lucky for economic aspects as your Lagna Lord and second house lord Saturn will be placed initially in your 12th house , the house of expenditure.

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A marriage ceremony may take place within your family circle. You may invest money on religious activities. Think twice before investing your money in any risky venture.

capricorn february 2020 tarot videoscope by ama Capricorn february 2020 tarot videoscope by ama
capricorn february 2020 tarot videoscope by ama Capricorn february 2020 tarot videoscope by ama
capricorn february 2020 tarot videoscope by ama Capricorn february 2020 tarot videoscope by ama
capricorn february 2020 tarot videoscope by ama Capricorn february 2020 tarot videoscope by ama
capricorn february 2020 tarot videoscope by ama Capricorn february 2020 tarot videoscope by ama

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