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Those with a high score on the "aesthetic" trait are often employed in literary or artistic professions, enjoy domestic activities — doing things around the house — and are enthusiastic about the arts, reading, and travel. You don t think it s pretentious to be moved by art and beauty. You re not one of those who believe it doesn t matter what something looks like as long as it does its job.

Conscientious You feel it s important to work according to a plan and finish every task, to do things correctly and thoroughly. You are not the kind of person who abandons a project before finishing it, or slacks off when you ve lost interest. Organized You like to think a task through before you embark on it. If it s the slightest bit complicated, you make a list even if it s only in your mind and methodically work your way through it. When you have a goal in mind, you re not satisfied until you reach it.

You are not one of those people who ignore the details, and you don t understand how anyone can get anything accomplished without thoughtful planning ahead of time. Scrupulous You are an honest, fair person. You don t lie or cheat to get ahead. You treat others with respect and hope for the same in return. You do not feel that you are above the rules that everyone else follows; you are definitely not willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Upbeat You enjoy being around others and others enjoy being around you. You have a "live and let live" attitude; because you know that no one s perfect, you are forgiving and happy to give the benefit of the doubt.

You don t feel the need to be controversial or express contrary opinions all the time. You see no reason to go around rubbing people the wrong way. Sympathetic You have a knack for knowing what s going on in the hearts and minds of those around you, without their having to tell you explicitly. People tend to turn to you with their problems because they know you care, and that you will likely offer good advice and a helping hand. You do not feel that people with sad stories are just looking for attention, or have brought their problems upon themselves. Buttoned-Down You like to know that everything is in its place; it s somehow empowering to know that the world around you is neat and organized.

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For you, schedules and timelines are great ways to stay on track, and mowing down the items on your "to do" list is a source of happiness. You do not believe that a clean, orderly desk is the sign of a person who doesn t have enough to do; you don t thrive on a sense of personal anarchy. Warm You have a genuine interest in other people. You re a natural host, and are always thinking about how you can increase the happiness of those around you. When friends have problems or are in trouble, you re usually the first person they turn to for aid and comfort.

Scoring high on the "warm" trait suggests that you are among those who enjoy domestic activities — doing things around the house — and are enthusiastic about charitable work, helping others, and making the world a better place. You don t always say exactly what you re thinking; you don t like the idea of causing. Cooperative You enjoy teamwork, play well with others, and prefer getting along to winning. You re not compelled to win every contest nor to be right all the time. Tender You are gentle with others, both physically and emotionally.

You are careful not to upset people and go out of your way to find the nicest way to say something. You naturally focus on the fact that the world is full of wonderful people, places, and things. More often than not, people with a high score on the "tender" trait enjoy spending time with children, love romantic movies, and are enthusiastic about making the world a better place. You don t think of yourself as tough-minded or gruff, nor do you need to be seen as some kind of objective source of truth and rationality.

Caracterizare Caracterizat ca numar perfect, avand un inceput, un mijloc si un sfarsit, este simbolul Trinitatii. Persoanele caracterizate prin acest numar sunt pline de jovialitate, sunt ingenioase, darze, vesnic optimiste si increzatoare, pline de farmec, tandre, sociabile, fara complexe de inferioritate, au o vitalitate contagioasa si uneori sunt vorbarete pana la exasperare. Poseda o imensa sete de cunoastere, sunt harnice si intreprinzatoare, dar tot ele sunt cele care promit mai mult decat pot face. Ca eventuale aspecte negative, pot fi enumerate superficialitatea, prefacatoria si ostentatia.

Corespondente Planeta: Jupiter Zodiile: Sagetator - Gemeni Element: aer Caracteristica: sociabilitate Culoare: bleu Piatra: safir, turcoaz Corespondente esoterice Arborele sefirotic - Binah - lumina primordiala, ce va sa vina, este radacina celorlalte sapte forte ce actioneaza.

La nivelul sau, esentele devin distincte. Desemneaza ingerii Aralim, adica mari si tari, Tronurile. Ierarhiile spirituale - Tronurile - spiritele vointei, au sfera planetara atribuita lui Saturn.

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You could be more like peace-loving Ferdinand, seeking the gentle meadows filled with flowers, sunshine and natural beauty. It s only your stubbornness that can make you angry enough. You Bulls are noted for your determination. You get to where you are going, not because you are exceptionally fast or clever, but because you will not be distracted from your goals.

Motto: "Take care of the senses and everything else will take care of itself. Feelings flood in from all directions, sometimes filling you with delight, sometimes with panic. Learning that all you feel is not yours can be an enormous relief because it reduces the emotional load you have to carry. You are not responsible for everything that you feel. Yet this openness also makes you compassionate and imaginative, openly receptive to others and their needs. Knowing when to pull back, though, is essential to your well-being since you absorb so much of what s going on around you.

You have a tendency to carefully weigh your words and your reactions. You re passionate,yet not overtaken by emotion most of the time.

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This power makes you very skillful in emergency situations as you channel the intensity you feel with focus and direction. Letting others in takes some time, so you can come across as more stern or closed than you actually are until you feel comfortable enough to relax and let them in.

Iată care sunt cele mai căutate șapte profesii pe care le poți învăța și tu extrem de rapid:

Motto: "Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. Snakes are born organizers and know well how to use their talents of discretion, discernment and intuition. Kind and considerate, they remain quiet in company. But under this silent. The Snake has the ability to see beyond appearances to something deeper. Using these talents, the Snake is capable of creating his own reality practically and gracefully.

Lovely and charming, Snakes will be at their best when you connect with them in the same way-- with grace and charm. But never attack them because they won t easily forget it. They can predict the future, as they are able to feel what is approaching more than any other sign. When they understand that a project will benefit them, they will pour all of their effort into it. Often the philosopher, the Snake can also be the biggest party animal when in high spirits.

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Surprising and romantic, they can erase all problems with their wisdom. This chapter analyzes the relationship between the Sun and Jupiter in your chart to provide you with useful perspectives on ways you can invite luck into your life and improve your fortune. About Sun and Jupiter: What they mean Your Sun sign describes your purpose in life and your capacity for creativity.

The Sun represents your heart, your essence and your engine, the radiant center of your self as you express it in the world. Not only is the Sun the source of light and life on planet Earth, it is also the wellspring of vitality in your horoscope. Considered the luckiest of all the planets,jovial Jupiter graces us with vision, presenting a better future and hope that we can reach it. Jupiter is larger than all the rest of the planets combined. With its 18 satellites in tow, it protects Earth from asteroids and comets by pulling them into its own enormous gravitational field.

In this way, it is truly a protector to our planet and us as well. In your chart, Jupiter assists in your life journey with wisdom, perspective and opportunity. The planet of expansion, optimism and good luck, it was called the "Greater Benefic" in ancient astrology. How You Can Find Good Fortune Jupiter enlarges your view of the world and enables the Sun to shine its brightest, bringing the good fortune that enables you to reach your highest potential. Of your many roads to emotional prosperity, the path lit by your Sun and Jupiter could be your brightest.

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Here is your prescription for finding good fortune based on the signs of the Sun and Jupiter in your chart. B obby s Sun is in Taurus and Jupiter is in Taurus Financial success is comfortable, both mentally and physically. It s not about the long hard struggle to get to the top, but an easy cruise to a warm sunny place where you know that you belong. It s this down-to-earth common sense about what makes you happy that works wonders for you. You re willing to put in the effort and there s no hurrying to get you there faster, just a steady process of you knowing what s best for you and enjoying the process as you get there.

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  4. You have a great sense of value, understanding the worth of people, objects and activities,which makes you skillful at getting the best deals. You know what top quality is and you don t settle for less, but you never have to pay more than you should to get what you want. This chapter explores the relationship between Neptune and Mercury to provide you with insights on how you can convert psychic impressions into usable information.

    About Neptune and Mercury: What they mean Psychic Neptune is the planet of collective consciousness, the dreamlike land where limits are left behind. Neptune is a slow-moving planet that takes about 14 years to transit through just one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. It is the ruler of boundless seas, the waters that connect all things, real and imagined, the planet without limits. Since it is the planet of dissolving boundaries or barriers, it can describe ways in which we connect to collective consciousness and gain access to information beyond our own direct experience, much like a psychic would.

    Objective Mercury provides us with the detachment needed to see.

    perioade zodii horoscop chinezesc Perioade zodii horoscop chinezesc
    perioade zodii horoscop chinezesc Perioade zodii horoscop chinezesc
    perioade zodii horoscop chinezesc Perioade zodii horoscop chinezesc
    perioade zodii horoscop chinezesc Perioade zodii horoscop chinezesc
    perioade zodii horoscop chinezesc Perioade zodii horoscop chinezesc

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