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These significations are Acquired and change in each chart. For instance the lord of the first house who ever the planet maybe acquires signification over all the matters governed by that house. The detailed l significations for various houses are given elsewhere.

Acquired or Temporary or Variable karakatwas of planets are defined in another way too in Jaimini system. The Charakarakas of Jaimini are discussed elsewhere in this article. The above is the simplest and most basic approach to a karaka. In accordance with tradition, Somanatha Misra writes in Kalpalata his vrtti on the Jaimini Sutras that Karakas are of many kinds Kaarakaa bahu vidhaah and then deals with the following.

Among these five, Jain astrologers are said to favour Atmakaraka and Swakaraka. Atmakaraka is the most favoured planet in Jaimini system and its extensive use is a unique feature of Jaimini astrology. Swakaraka is the most dependable of all in determining the results of a chart though one should study the chart with reference to other kinds of karakas too. First let me define each of these karakas. Atmakaraka is the planet that has advanced to the highest degree in any sign.

I have written more on the charakarakas and atmakaraka elsewhere in this article. Dasakaraka is the planet whose influence is prominent during a particular dasa. The lord of the dasa in a planetary dasa is the single most influential planet for that particular dasa. But planets conjunct or aspecting or aspected by the dasa lord too influence the dasa.

In a rasi dasa, planets in that rasi as well planets involved in aspects with the rasi also determine the results. All such planets become the Dasa karakas in some manner though the Dasa lord is the single most influential planet as the Dasakaraka. Simply put for most practical purposes Dasakaraka is the planet whose dasa is operating. The permanent significators for the twelve houses are fixed for all charts. These are:. Though the above list is supported by standard works such as Phala Deepika, Sarvartha Chintamani, Jataka Parijata etc, Parasara mentions only one planet as the significator for a house.

Who is correct? As a result, native may be annoying to others, will receive less favorable promotions despite being intelligent. So as per this doctrine Saturn will not do much harm if placed in 10 th , whereas Jupiter will destroy the karakatva. Logically speaking 10 th is karma bhava which requires labor and hard work Saturn so this placement is not bad, on the other hand Jupiter will connect you to religions, preaching, thinking, philosophy etc.

This placement could bring excessive depression due to the loss of identity. It can also bring setbacks and resistance from government in social justice to that person. The native may have a great difficulty to overcome these shocks and move forward in life. Interestingly, karaka planet Jupiter of putra karaka bhava 5 th in the same house is not considered good as it diminishes the possibility of having child.

It is because of the over-development and expansion of Jupiter in the re-production house, not so good for parent except when Jupiter is conjunct with some other planet. On the other hand aspect of Jupiter on the 5 th house is considered auspicious for child birth. Spouse may be highly attractive, wealthy, handsome, socially connected, and sensual which may cause further extra marital relationships.

Such marriages may exhaust quickly and partners will look for more physical pleasure outside. In some cases, material will take over to marital and spouse may become too much involve in wealth show off, clothing and furnishings to make perfect balance to the show off.

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The relatives of the person are the ones who are expected to be near the person in times of happiness and distress. Hence, they gain the seventh place of importance in the relationship of the person.

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The influence of kith and kins on the life of the native need to be studied from this Charakaraka. Darakaraka The graha obtaining the eighth highest longitude is called Darakaraka - the significator of wife. The spouse is the 'Ardhangini' equal partner of the person. Thus, the spouse is no different from the person as whatever is to happen with the person is to be shared jointly by both. As importance to the self is always last, the spouse Dara is placed last at the 8th place. The influence of spouse and companion on the life of the native need to be studied from this Charakaraka.

The Atmakaraka has a very vital role to play in the horoscope of a person. It actually shows the objectives, ideals and goals of the soul for which it has born on earth. No graha in the horoscope can actually give benefic or malefic results beyond what the Atmakaraka could signify.

Any deviation in life from the desired path or objective of the atma renders it disillusioned.

Five kinds of karakas

As it actually performs no role in the active life of the person except to watch as a Judge the direction of growth of the person, it finally deserts the body in the form of death at a time when it can no longer sustain the misdeeds of the person. It simply leaves the physical body and an Atma whose primary desire is not fulfilled has actually lived a wasted life.

Our atma is a jeevatma. The ultimate objective of the atma is to mingle with the parmatmamsa, which is God.

Karaka Bhava Nashaya - Astrology Principle | Netchanting

To attain this, the activity of the person whose physical form the atma has obtained, should perform sattwik acts so as to cleanse the soul off its impurities and lead it to God. Sattwik guna alone is the sustainer of the atma and it leads it to the lord. As the atmakaraka has an objective with which it is born, it has certain abilities of its own towards that direction.

What are the desires of the atma? What are its abilities? Whether it has the power to fulfil its objective or utilize its abilities? Whether the abilities and the powers of the atma would be utilized in the right direction or not? Whether the birth of the atma would attain its purpose or not? All these factors are to be seen from the Navamsa the 9th division — D9 — chart of the person , which, thus, becomes a very vital part of vedic astrology divination.

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  • The Navamsa sign occupied by the atmakaraka is called the Karakamsa, while the ascendant or Lagna sign of the Navamsa is called the Lagnamsa and, both these together are called the Swamsa Swa meaning self and amsa meaning division. If the Karakamsa and Lagnamsa become the same or have any connection between them, then it becomes the Swamsa, in which case, the objective and the abilities of the atmakaraka are attained. The gati in that direction may be slow or obstructed due to various other factors.

    Regular prayer to the Ishta Devta to be determined from the 12 house from the placement of Karakamsa and the Lord of Bhratrikarak also called the Gurukarak helps attain the gati for the atma to move speedily in the desired direction. While the Karakamsa itself will help see the desire of the atma, the Trines from the Karakamsa will show the actual desire of the atma.

    Any graha located in the 1st, 5th and 9th Trines bhavas from the Karakamsa, thus, become automatically good for the spiritualism of the person and also to provide gati for his atma known as Atmagati. Thus, the role of Brihaspati who represents God becomes very vital in the Navamsa division of the person, as Brihaspati is the naisargika karaka for the 9th house Dharma significations.

    Karaka Bhava Nasa

    Both the primary and secondary karakas are important for protecting the signification of a bhava. Since the world is so much full of variety of various living and non living things each of which is symbolised by a planet, the list of the karaka can never be comprehensive and it requires experience to know the karaka of each and everything around us. However, the list of karakas given by various classics can help us in building up the insights while understanding the possible planetary lordship of a particular thingl.

    The natural karaka cover everything around us may it be tastes, our emotions, the plant or animals, different metals, clothes, substances, elements and everything which is either perceptable or non perceptable to our senses. Regards Leoncio. Monday, February 21, AM. I guess it is fun to play around online.

    Karaka in Bhava - Vedic Astrology

    Anyway, I saw your astrology relationship posts and though it was cool Alright, well Sunday, October 02, AM. Tom Naka said…. Keep it up. I enjoy your nice blog.

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