Sag cap cusp compatibility aries

Sagittarius - Capricorn Cusp (Dec. 19 - Dec. 25 ) and Taurus - Gemini Cusp (May 19 - May 24)

The more mysterious side of Sagittarius-Capricorns is activated by this relationship and threatens to dominate it. Taurus Cs, often drawn to unusual individuals anyway, are strongly attracted to the passionate Sagittarius-Capricorn nature behind the inscrutable mask; they may be easily seduced by a Sagittarius-Capricorn even away from a primary relationship, without realizing what they are getting into. This scenario is in no way inevitable in love affairs. The positive Taurus C approach does not work with such partners, who must be left to work their feelings without being prodded or pushed.

The deepest desires are often stirred by these relationships, idealistic Taurus Cs must accept that their results are not necessarily positive. Marriages and friendships can center on appreciating and exploring nature. Gardening, domestic animals and pets may be interests here. If children are involved, nurturing activities often begin with the adults themselves, then extend to their progeny.

At work, misunderstandings within the relationship are likely to slow down or halt projects, resulting in counterproductive anger and frustration. Family relationships, especially parent-child ones, are deep and complex; these two can often understand each other far better than friends or lovers can. Maintain objectivity. Keep feelings under control. Be more understanding. Together, Taurus Bs and Sagittarius-Capricorns may enjoy the exploration or study of esoteric or metaphysical topics.

Their strong psychic connection often transcends barriers of space. Unspoken understanding and communication are more characteristic of the relationship than sympathy and expressions of feeling: these two have a tendency to merge with each other, in fact, that if too pronounced can create boundary issues. The success of love relationships in this combination generally depends on how far Taurus Bs are willing to go in plumbing the hidden depths of the enigmatic Sagittarius-Capricorn personality.

Often attracted to easier and more pleasurable relationships, they may be scared off by Sagittarius-Capricorn intensity, or may back at some negative interaction. Should the relationship continue, both parties must be ready for the gamut of emotions that tends to arise in their more intense exchanges, from the more disturbingly emotional areas of resentment, frustration and jealousy to exalted spiritual highs.

Ultimately the partnership may become an ongoing flow of merger separation, merger, separation, and so on. Friendships and working relationships will exhibit a marked interest in spiritual and psychic matters, fostering interesting conversations and possible participation in new-age and other such leisure-time activities.

These relationships are often better off remaining where they are than moving on to romance or marriage: should the Sagittarius-Capricorn be rejected in any way by the Taurus B, great suffering will probably result and a breakup may mean losing the original relationship as well, or facing a level of damage that precludes beginning anew Regret and grief over this kind of loss may be among the most difficult scenarios this relationship can face.

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Family relationships can be close here, especially parent-child combinations and those between siblings of the same sex. Advice : Even out highs and lows. Take time to explain yourself Spend more time together. Share feelings. Plans and Logistics Best at : Friendship, Work Worst at : Love This relationship will emphasize structure and the implementation of plans and ideas These are the sort of the Taurus A nature, but when it comes to putting concepts to work, Sagittarius-Capricorns are no slouches either Love relationships here are a bit problematic, since the complexities and difficulties of the Sagittarius-Capricorn personality may be too much for Taurus As to handle.

What appear to be reasonable agreements, plans or conversations about logistics can be swept a side by an outburst of great emotional intensity, perhaps resulting from pent-up resentment of frustration. Stubbornness and recalcitrance are also characteristics here, resulting in a refusal to express emotion or to agree to reasonable discussion.

In families, marriages and me workplace, this duo can shine in organizational matters. The relationship may work out best in the area of friendship, which can provide a threatening atmosphere in which to express or discuss hidden needs. The degree of honesty that can be achieved here is impossible in relationships where the partners feel they have a lot to lose The friendship will rarely prove competitive, unless a third party is involved who is the object of both partners affections. Work partnerships can be very rewarding for these two, who will feel comfortable as team members equals.

They complement each other well, since Sagittarius-Capricorns are excellent project initiators Taurus Is enjoy maintenance. Furthermore, the psychic abilities of Sagittarius-Capricorns often allow them to peer into the future and get an idea of what lies ahead. Taurus As are much too practical to acknowledge these powers and perceptions, which they will probably write off as hunches or luck.

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Show emotional intelligence. Make things easier. There are multiple factors which influence you. THUS… If you are a earth sign, yet all of the rest of your signs are fire, then there is a good chance you will not even act like a traditional earth sign..

Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp Sign Dates and Definition

Yet if you understand this you may be able to circumvent many arguments in any relationship. If you would like, get your own Natal Birth Chart. Moon Signs help define our emotional development, or express the unconscious side of our personality. It explains why we do what we do. This is where we retreat for comfort, childhood memories, and peace. This can also be the place where anger, hate, jealousy and fear may be found. If your Moon Sign is the same as your Sun Sign, you may find that it amplifies the traits of that Sign.

It has influence with the glands and fluids of the body. Moon Moon Signs help define our emotional development, or express the unconscious side of our personality.

Venus Venus represents the qualities of love, romance, sensuality, culture, beauty, affection and social appeal. The Planet Venus is therefore very prominent in aspects of love; influencing how you attract love as well as how you act in a relationship. By reading your Love Sign interpretation you may find answers to why you act so differently than your Sun Sign dictates when you are in love.

Dates: December 18 - 24

Mercury Mercury Signs are connected to communication, reasoning, intellect and awareness. Due to its affect on brain power, Mercury will show short term planning, observation and deductive reasoning abilities. Mercury expresses thoughts effectively to others depending on how this planet is represented in the birth chart.

Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp

Mercury is willing to charge into the unknown, and in the process, may be able to learn something more than his more timid peers. Many detectives, spies and other daring seekers of knowledge have a prominent Mercury Sign; while some with a negative aspect may resort to intellectual trickery to get ahead.

Sagittarius - Capricorn Cusp's compatibility with Aries? | Yahoo Answers

Mars While Venus Love Signs are in charge of romance, Mars Signs take charge of basic sexual attraction, tempered only by the astrological houses they are placed in. They will influence how sex is approached, from cool detachment to hot intensity and everything in between. Mars makes us assertive, forthright and adventurous.

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It can also make us impulsive, rash, impatient and forceful. Mars is energy, action and desire; the animal instinct. Aries and Sags are like a match made in heaven. Not sure about the Pisces cusp part but I wouldn't expect too much trouble. I love Sags lol. Jun 24, 5. I"m a Sag and my boo is a cusper. He's born March We're going strong but he's very prideful as am I.

It's not easy and he is basically all Aries. The outspokenness, the fire personality, just the classic Aries dude.. I have never met an Aries male that was not possessive. He's very intuitive like a Pisces though. Not moody at all though. Jun 24, 6. Jun 25, 7. You love being around people.

Facts about the Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp

This is good news for the Sagittarius Capricorn cusp. You have a very strong geek side. Geeks run technology; geeks run social scenes; geeks run social trends, you name it. You have this strong geek side in your personality. However, you need to polish it. You have to understand, success in life is not some sort of magical incantation.

Action is needed. You have to make a decision.

However, since you have a strong geek side, it takes less action for to you achieve success. The funny thing about the Sagittarius Capricorn cusp is that in many cases, you are insecure about your ability to interact with other people. While you have a strong desire to be surrounded by people, to talk to a lot of people, and get to get into their worlds; you have a lot of doubts as to your ability to do so.

sag cap cusp compatibility aries Sag cap cusp compatibility aries
sag cap cusp compatibility aries Sag cap cusp compatibility aries
sag cap cusp compatibility aries Sag cap cusp compatibility aries
sag cap cusp compatibility aries Sag cap cusp compatibility aries
sag cap cusp compatibility aries Sag cap cusp compatibility aries
sag cap cusp compatibility aries Sag cap cusp compatibility aries
sag cap cusp compatibility aries Sag cap cusp compatibility aries

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