Number 13 birthday cookies

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No stress. The first thing you need are number cake tins.

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We hired our tins and purchased our silver cake board from That Cake Lady. Please note that for this cake we omitted the chopped dark chocolate pieces in the recipe which usually gives you gooey chocolate bits when you eat the brownie warm. As the brownie was going to be used cold, those chocolate bits harden and we prefer to not have them. Make your brownies , bake and let them cool, then turn out onto your cake board. Make buttercream icing.

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Using an electric mixer we use a handheld one , beat about gm of butter until pale in colour. Gradually add icing sugar and 2 tablespoons of milk until you get a fairly thick consistency. We used nearly a whole 1kg bag of icing sugar. Use a little bit of water or milk if you need to add more moisture. Pipe the buttercream icing. Use a large plain nozzle to pipe the dollops on the top of the brownie.

An all cake, all buttercream version of this trend by Wilton is perfect for die hard cake lovers.

Birthday Cake Chocolate Chip Cookies

This heart shaped version by Yuliya Shidlovskaya includes soft pink roses, white meringue kisses and heart cookies lightly dusted with powered sugar. If you love this trend, check out our new tutorial for this Cream Tart Tree Cake. Find spooky good ideas and recipes in our Halloween Gallery!

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If you have a favorite bakery, patisserie or cake shop — that is the best place to start. How long do these cakes stay fresh? I would like to make it on a Sunday and deliver it the Monday. Did you get a reply to your question? Did you make the cake? So cool, right? Texas Monkey is a genius! She shows you how to hide any and all imperfection in a cake by wrapping it in candy and topping it with more candy — ending up with a very swanky looking cake in about 15 minutes.

You have to click over to see all her other versions of the same idea. This totally awesome basketball cake from Follow Eric might take a little time, but it looks pretty easy to execute. I recently made 4 different types of pirate cupcakes , and they were all super simple! For the last easy birthday cake idea, I love the classic look of this super simple pirate ship cake, seen on iVillage :.

Have any great easy birthday cake ideas? Links to photos on your blog?

This Mom Made "1" Cookies For Her 1-Year-Old's Birthday But They Turned Out...Different

Leave them all in the comments so we can check them out! This is an awesome list! Thank you so much for including my cupcakes — this roundup is terrific! I love those crab cupcake toppers :. Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing ideas for simple cake decorating!! First, i was disturbed by the cakes and cupcakes because it was so colorful and lovely to look at.

You have a gathered a very nice ideas.

I also love making cupcakes especially at the part of decorating. I like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! Luckily for me, my kids are terribly sweet and will swear up and down that the awful looking cake I just made is really just what they wanted.

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I mean broiled … She wants it to be sacred and only served on her birthday… it is HER birthday cake after all. In fact, she has …. Thanks for catching that! These designs are amazing. Anyway thanks for sharing. Thank you so very much. What an awesome page for so many cake recipes thank you for sharing this birthday cake.

No doubt you have mentioned all the possible ones. I love the balloon cake. Thanks for sharing with us, this very helpful. However, linking b […].

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