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If a planet is in "its" sign for example Mars in Aries , it expresses itself in a way that best suits its nature. The planet is then in its domicile. If a planet is located in the domicile of another planet, it is influenced by its quality. For example, if Mars is in Capricorn, its expression is not only influenced by the themes of Capricorn, but also by Saturn - as ruler of Capricorn.

Domicile (astrology)

In this way, hidden "relationships" between the planets become visible. Before the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered, a horoscope was created with the seven "lights" visible to the eye. Accordingly, astrology knows seven old and three new rulers. Today, three signs of the zodiac have a main and a secondary ruler. It can be either the old or the new planetary ruler, depending on the technique used. In horary astrology and electional astrology, for example, the old rulers are given greater weight or even used exclusively.

This graphic shows the old spherical model of medieval astrology: Sun and Moon as the two bright lights stand in the masculine sign of Leo and the feminine signe of Cancer, followed by the sphere of Mercury with Gemini and Virgo as well as the other planetary spheres.

The outer planets were inserted into the spheres of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as main or secondary rulers. The system of house rulers is a common method for deciphering a horoscope structure.

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  • House Rulers: In Houses?

House rulers are used in psychological as well as in electional and horary astrology. The house ruler is the planet ruling the zodiac sign located at the cusp of the respective house in a horoscope. If, for example, the cusp of the second house is in Aries, the material circumstances of life 2nd house are characterized by willpower and zest for action Aries. As the ruler of Aries is Mars, Mars becomes the personal ruler of this house. Now it can be determined in which house Mars is located and interesting cross-connections can be established on the house level.

Saturn: Rulership, Exaltation, Detriment and Fall • The Astro Codex

Therefore, if Mars is in the 9th house, in our example, the 2nd house also has a connection to the topics of the 9th house, e. In psychological astrology, the ruler of the horoscope is the planet that rules the sign in which the Ascendant is placed analogous to the rulers of the houses.

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    EMPTY HOUSES EXPLAINED IN YOUR BIRTH CHART (House Rulerships in Astrology) - 2019

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    Venus: Rulership, Exaltation, Detriment and Fall

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