Dog monthly horoscope

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There may be arguments and misunderstandings, disagreements and fallings out.

Dog (狗) - Annual 2019 Horoscope

The best way forward will be to stay out of the heat of things and wait until it is calmer. This sign should not give advice under any circumstances since it will be met with indifference and disregard.


These people should make conscious decisions about those friends who are negative and cut them out of their lives. There may be some shocks for people of this Zodiac sign but they should not be afraid to embrace changes and make the most of any opportunities that come their way. Females should experience fewer problems than males, although both will be too cautious and lack sufficient courage and flexibility they need to succeed.

It may be that Dog folk will have to listen more than speak and in this way, they will learn how to restore balance and harmony to them. People should try not to be quite so bashful and learn from more positive thinkers like Monkeys, Goats and Dragons. These people are not likely to have much luck in romantic affairs this year. For them, it will be all about reconciling differences. There is a small chance that for those people who have split up they may get back together again providing the Dog is proactive and genuinely wants this outcome.

For the single Dog, who may be experiencing much loneliness, the answer will be to get out of your comfort zone and join some social groups. There could be changes in the love lives of men and women, providing they remain optimistic and keep a positive outlook.

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By wearing blue and green, ladies can enhance their chances of romantic encounters. For men, the best colour is black. Good communication is the key to a happy love life and if Dog folk want a sexually active year they will need to be less passive and stop feeling sorry for themselves.

Daily Planetary Overview

There is every chance that an old love may resurface with the potential for complete sexual satisfaction and fulfilment. There could be baby talk though this period is unlikely to be a year where one is conceived. Individuals should try to avoid being too sentimental in love and occupy themselves with more practical matters.

In their career, Dog horoscope people will have to rely largely upon their own efforts to advance themselves. This could be a good spell for education opportunities in order to increase skill sets.

Oriental 12222 Horoscope Dog, for the Yellow Earth PIG Year

Try not to make any impulsive decisions regarding your employment. Better to wait until the year of the Pig in when there is likely to be a significant and very positive change for you. In work, the Dog will be exceptionally focused and get a lot done. There could be more responsibilities and the long term outlook is very positive. If Dog men and women can retain their confidence, this will bring them an exceedingly bright outlook.

Analysis For Chinese Dog Zodiac Men And Women

Your name may have already been put forward for a pay rise and a promotion. If Dog folk are offered different working patterns or even shift work they should take it. It also means that the first four weeks of October are the most important of the year for beginning something new and especially during the first two weeks, when the Moon is still waxing.

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Dog Horoscope 2020 – Love, Career, Finance and Monthly Horoscopes

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dog monthly horoscope Dog monthly horoscope
dog monthly horoscope Dog monthly horoscope
dog monthly horoscope Dog monthly horoscope
dog monthly horoscope Dog monthly horoscope
dog monthly horoscope Dog monthly horoscope

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