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Do you believe in past lives? Astrologers do. In India, this kind of astrology, working with the Nodes Rahu and Ketu is about reincarnation and karma. What a door to open. If you were born near July 24th, 25th or know for a fact that you have the Sun at 0 or 1 Leo, then the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday 21st January will deliver a cover-up or blind spot regarding your relationship with the world of children or young people. An eclipse is neither good nor bad, it is just a total lack of awareness or insight. For all other Leo people, the eclipse still has an effect.

It is the very last of the missing jigsaw pieces concerning your title, image, appearance, reputation, or profile — which began with a big puzzle on 7th August This week, Leo, we also have Capricorn weather and Sagittarius weather. The Capricorn weather is about your lifestyle, paid work, body, unpaid work, daily routine and duty to others.

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Here comes karma. It stems from May , October and November , March and April — and further back, into your past life. You are owed or owe others — spiritually. A chance for closure will come on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

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The Sagittarius weather is welcome, wonderful and not possible in 12 years. On Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday you will be shown the world of babies, children or young people in a new way. A better way.

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A bigger way. This may be about a sexual relationship which leads to pregnancy or step-parenting. It may be about a new arrival, like a godchild, or a huge breakthrough with a school, college or university. Your own personal birth chart will tell the full story. This is a huge solution or a massive open door.

Not simple. Not easy. But so worthwhile. Sons, daughters, godchildren, stepchildren, the adoption process, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, I. Leo, your Lenormand card is Child. If there are no real issues, you will simply go to the next level and enjoy a bigger, better connection with the next generation.

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This is what the Child card shows you. What is it saying to you about what is possible this week? The Venus-Jupiter conjunction on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday depending on where you are in the world will reveal a relationship which is complicated, challenging but also very deeply felt.

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It has more layers than a Black Forest Cake. It is also sweet, if it is to your taste. A classic example would be a new love affair with a man who has a child from a previous marriage. Matters which are secret, behind the scenes, behind closed doors, undercover, below the surface, invisible, mysterious or just plain unfathomable, are very important then.

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Do not act or judge. An eclipse conceals everything.

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  4. You will be left in the dark, or perhaps kept in the dark yet again. This is the last in a chain of eclipses that began on 7th August , so when in doubt, make your mind up later. Virgo, I also need to look at your house, apartment, household, family, town or country. This is big. You and she or he are going to need to play chess together. It is, however, also a fantastic way through and way out. What else is going on this week? Your ruler Mercury is involved, so there will be quite a crucial conversation, email, letter or paper trail. What you hear, read or discuss that involves babies or younger people on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday is a flashback to May , October and November , March and April You owe, or are owed, spiritually.

    Virgo, your Lenormand card is Tower. A tower is where powerful families in the Middle Ages had their stronghold. The tower was passed down through the generations. A tower was also about the local area — it was the seat of power in the local village or settlement. All of this makes perfect sense in terms of what is going to happen to you on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday when Jupiter huge conjuncts or meets Venus family relationships, household politics in your Fourth House of property, family, home town, flatmates and homeland. The nice thing about this conjunction is that it repeats. July and September.

    So, you may begin renovations now and complete in July, for a September family reunion. You may reshuffle your flatmates now, to your advantage, with more good things to come from this in the middle and end of the year. Jupiter is a problem-solver. No doubt about it. If you have issues to resolve, the tools will appear. Jupiter is also an expander and life-enhancer. Whatever it touches grows bigger and better. He was the god of thunder in Rome.

    Thunderbolts will appear, if you need them, in the first three days of this week. What is this tower saying to you? What does it represent and who is inside it?

    What is the card telling you? Lenormand cards work on a deep psychic level, Virgo. Libra, communication, information, transportation, connections, ideas and networks are about to become a top priority for This is stage one. Stage two and three follow in July and September.

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    This may be old-fashioned paper or the cutting edge of the web, but the answer you have needed or the opening you deserve is close. You will be in the dark again regarding friends, or a group, at the eclipse. Who needs that? What you did or said then, regarding your house, family, apartment, household, home town or homeland is about to come back to you. You may have campaigned to save a heritage building; reshuffled flatmates; made an epic family decision — expect echoes. Closure is closer!

    Libra, your Lenormand card is House.

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